Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Allow me to re-introduce myself..."

Actually I'm introducing myself.
In lue of all the the nonsense I've been hearing lately I have decided to create something for people of my ilk. My ilk being die-hard knowledgeable basketball fans. I ain't die-hard for a team (not that there is anything wrong with that e.g. Cavs fans), I'm die-hard for the beautiful game of basketball. I played, I coached, I watch. Having said that, some of these so-called experts we listen to on the radio and watch on TV don't know shit or they just have an agenda when it comes to certain players and/or teams. The purpose of this blog will be to have open discussion and just rant about basketball (mainly NBA, but some international, collegiate, and high school will be thrown in as well, sorry no WNBA).
I love this game and don't like seeing it misrepresented to the public in a dumbed down fashion. So if you like hoops read my shit, leave comments, start a debate, argue, hate on me (or players or teams), whatever let's just talk hoops.

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