Tuesday, August 2, 2011

REAL ballers do Real things

If you are reading this you are already a hoops head, so I don't gotta tell you why basketball is the best sport invented. But I will anyway, all you need is a ball and a hoop, and you got a game (2-on-2 baseball, football and futbol sucks). You can get better all by yourself.

We all know the L, is locked-out and NBA.com/NBA TV is ghost-town. I'm glad we are fans of a sports where dudes love to ball and will play anytime, anywhere if they were not getting paid. These young athletes are extremely smart in marketing themselves, being out among the people, gaining more street cred, which is what endorsers want in a client so they can sell them to the people buying game tickets, sneakers, gear, video games, etc.
(Wait a minute......Stern's got something to do with this)

So I wanna give a huge shout out to all the sites holding the fans down:
Ball is Life
Mars Reel
and on and on.........

After watching KD's explosion last night at the world famous Rucker Park in Harlem World.
I got inspired to get back on my blog shit (as you can tell from the last post I had more than a year ago). I just decided to hook-up all you hoop heads with some clips mainly NBA dudes getting busy this summer at a gym, rec or park near you.

*************ALL CLIPS ARE THRU YOUTUBE************

Kevin Durant goes off @ the Rucker

John Wall doing work in NC (going at Julius Hodge, what happened to him?)

Brandon Jennings vs. Josh Selby

LeBron balling in Cleveland (haters turned back to d-riders)

Durant, Mike Beasley, Game and more dudes hoopin' in the Drew League

George Hill & Eric Gordon ballin at Indy Pro-Am

James Harden (killin' Drew league, bout to have a breakout season)

Shannon Brown & Demar Derozan (more Drew league)

Chris Paul (teaching young ballers)

John Wall (in B-More)

D-Rose, CP3, Kobe, KD, Tyreke Evans, Javale McGee and other NBA ballers in the Philippines

LeBron James (@ the Drew League)

Lance Stephenson ballin' in Indy Pro-Am

Sick Nick Young dunk (when will he become more than a gunner in the L, he got serious game goes for you too J.R. Smith)

Nate Robinson, John Wall, Terrance Williams, Isaiah Thomas (Jamal Crawford Summer League)

JaVale McGee (@ Drew League bout to have a breakout season)

There are WAY more clips floating around the internet (hopefully of D-Rose, Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook, D Wade etc.). If you got time check out and support the sites I have linked to on this post. They are doing a great job of getting to places most of us will never see.

You won't see Adrian Peterson or Larry Fitzgerald at your local park killing dudes.
You won't see Prince Fielder or Albert Pujols hitting 430 footers at your local diamond.
You won't see Messi and Ronaldo dribbling around some side field for free having kids jump all over them.

Only hoops baby if you don't respect that, you were always the last one picked!

****Don't sue me for using your site and links I HAVE NO MONEY (just free time at work)****

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